Monday, September 10, 2012


How could I have just forgotten to update my blog?  Did I not have any inspiration?  Or nothing fun happened to write about?  I have not idea so I guess it will remain a mystery.

Why did I suddenly remember my blog?  Do I have something interesting to share with the world?  I have no idea so that too shall remain a mystery.

It may be that today is finally cool and it seems summer may depart after all.  That always cheers me up.  I have spent this summer making trips to the farmer's market and little bursts of sewing.  The sewing has made me realize that I have a serious flaw.  I am a perfectionist about the things that I do but I never want to do things that are hard.  I look at patterns or things on pinterest and they just look TOO HARD.  I want simple, quick, spend a few hours and have something AWESOME to show for it.  Where did this come from?  Have I always been lazy?  Is this a character flaw that I have had all my life?  How do you get to my advanced age and still not know yourself?

Oh, back to the farmers market.  I have a little cooked corn in the freezer, just ready to be warmed to eat summer corn.  A little squash already cooked, just ready to be warmed.  I have a little fresh tomato sauce fully cooked, just ready to have beef, chicken or mushrooms added for a great sauce. I have never done this before so where did this inspiration come from?

And last but not least I have eaten a fresh farm grown seedless watermelon every 5-7 days all summer.  Now I have to learn to get by without them until next year.  How will I ever survive without those sweet juicy watermelons?

Do you see the pattern here?  I have indulged myself with farmer's market food, bIts of sewing, and who knows how many books I have read.  So is it still a mystery where my summer went?  Or is the answer that I stayed inside in the cool and did NOTHING all summer long?