Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat, Heat, Whine, Whine

I really dislike whiners but the heat this summer is turning me into one.  It seems to be the ruling force in my life these days.  Can I get by without running that errand, going to the grocery store?  Can I put off the haircut a few more days?  Will it EVER rain?  If it does I may dance in the rain!

I did have a moment of almost giggling this morning.  I had a message from a dear friend who said his life was amazing this year.  What a delightful thing to hear.  I think this calls for a visit to hear all the details.  How long has it been since you heard someone say "My life is awesome"?  Don't you wish we would all say that more often.  I think I may try it even if it only regards today and I have to stretch a little bit.  It would be worth it if it made someone else smile and consider the possibilities for their own life.  Let's all try it once and see how it makes you feel.  Maybe it will become a habit and spread smiles everywhere.  Just imagine!

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