Monday, July 28, 2014

Making Ready

Progress can be painful but also sweet.  I had been dreading getting rid of the Christmas decorations that I love.  I am very attached to all the things I have collected over the years.  I am always so happy to see my ornaments every year when I unwrap them.  And I hate taking down the tree.  I wait as long as possible to take the tree down and pack away my treasures.  I promise that when I packed them away last year I never thought that I would not be putting that same tree up for  Christmas this year.

We had a fun day last Friday when we had a "Christmas in July" sale with tons of ornaments and decorations marked "FREE".  Because I live in a Senior community we have lots of friends who no longer decorate and do not put up trees.  Most have down-sized and many just don't go to the trouble.  I had lots of foot tall trees that were a hit and mean that some neighbors will have tabletop trees this year.  Some bought decorations that will brighten their homes even without a tree.  For those who have a problem stretching their dollars the free items provided a fun shopping experience.  I know that at the end of the day we were hot and tired but we had so much fun.  All our customers were happy and laughing so that it seemed Christmas was in the air {though 90 +  degrees}/  It was fun to share the things we have bought over the years and see people happy to find one of a kind items.  We sold a few items for $1, 2, and $3.  Their fun made the heavy heart I had experienced  at the thought of selling my treasures seem as if they were going to new homes where they would be loved.  At then end of the day I felt very blessed to have shared with neighbors and to know they will think of us when they decorate their homes this Christmas.


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