Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have Some Explaining To Do!

More than a Nana doesn't mean that being a grandmother is less than wonderful  It's just that when your grandchildren have the audacity to grow up and go away to college you have a lot of extra time on your hands.  With no job to define me I am left with grandmother being my only identity.  I really think I need to be more than that.  I've always been good at multi-tasking so now I feel lonely with only a very part-time way to contribute to the world.  Now that I have made that clear I will move on .

I had some thoughts today on being grateful.  Most of us hate taxes!  Thinking about doing our taxes, paying taxes, even others spending our tax money.  Well, what if you didn't have to pay taxes?  What if April 15th just didn't apply to you?  Wait a minute now.  Not such a happy thing if you didn't make enough money last year to have to file taxes or pay taxes!  I decided that I might should be grateful for the need to file my tax forms again this year!  Makes you think doesn't it?

I have been very busy today so I have had no time to spend researching what comes next for me in this life.  I am still open to suggestions so
send my blog address to anyone you think might be helpful to me.  Or even who might enjoy laughing at my attempt to find a new identity.

It's not too late today to find something to be grateful for in your own life or to wonder about your own journey.  Unless you are a parent with children at home.  Then you get no options or choices for a few more years.  Take care and have fun!


  1. My life as a grandmother is just beginning. My granddaughter is due to be born any time now. Life has stages that we have to constantly change to keep up with. Your grandmotherly experiences might be helpful to us new to the role. Maybe write a book.

  2. I may post suggestions here and my advice (for what its worth). At least my grandson's still consider me one of their favorite people. And they quote me frequently, especially the youngest. He is a freshman at Ole Miss and all of his friends here nanaisms frequently. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will add some very soon. Thanks for your comments.