Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New Day

I tell myself that today is a new day.  I always say this, but today I mean it literally.  Today I hope that I will not see a single campaign ad.  I have never enjoyed them and it seems as if we have been bombarded for 3 years.  More dismaying is the fact that every where you go, or look, or read there is so much anger, hate, blaming others.  Even this morning on Facebook I have read angry comments under every post.

I am not as knowledgeable as I should be about the Bible and God's teachings but I do know that spewing hate and negative thoughts against our fellow men, women and children is not pleasing to Him.  I have read comments filled with hate towards Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and others. Adults saying "she/he has no talent", I hate her/him, etc.  How can any reasonable adult hate a child they have never met and know nothing about except that they are succeeding at following their dreams.

Likewise, how can a person hope to see their President "fail".  Do you really want your country to fail?  If it does, you won't be immune!  It WILL touch you, your family, and your loved ones.  Have we become a country that can't stand to see anyone do well unless it is us?  Who can't stand to see anyone succeed unless it is us.

Have we fallen so far from our Bill of Rights, our parent's teaching, the things we learned in Sunday School?  Where did tolerance go? Where is our love for our fellow man, our community, our country?  And we wonder why our lives are not the idyllic paradise we thought they would be.  We live what we create.  I could cry when I think of the children in America who have to grow up in a home where parents talk like they do on social media.  I know that they don't confine their negativity to just social media but speak that way in front of their children, speaking of hate, blame and intolerance and belittling of others.  Teaching their children by word and deed that it is OK to condemn others because you don't agree with them.

We will all have to live with those who were raised without "character", "tolerance", and "concern for others".  What a sad world that would be.

Thank God for parents who are examples of all that is good, and right, and loving.  We all need to remember  that our country, our leaders, our spiritual leaders, out teachers, our families, our friends, our children and all mankind, yes even perfect strangers, need our prayers.

Don't forget that you can stand up for what you believe without ever mentioning anyone or anything else in a negative way.  It is called being positive!  That would truly be a new day!

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