Monday, June 2, 2014


Apparently I forgot that I promised to do a better job of updating this blog.  Apparently I forgot I had a blog.  I know that I have done fun things, made new friends and even learned a few things so I have no real excuse.

I am beginning an adventure (I think) for the first time in my life so this blog will be the story of that adventure.  Just the thought that I might be able to do this has taken up all my time, thought, and anxiety for the last week or more.  But when all is said and done the excitement outweighs the anxiety so I believe that my daughter and I will begin this adventure together.

There will be lots of hurdles to accomplish this journey and some of those I will discuss here and hope it may be an example to others to pursue a dream at any age.  But in the meantime I will also concentrate on enjoying the little things that come about every day.

I will share the everyday things until "THE ADVENTURE "is closer to reality.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me. Until then I am sharing a look at my tiny new gardenia bush.  I have three of them and they smell like heaven.

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