Thursday, June 26, 2014

Research, Research, and Weed

I never thought I could be so involved in daily research and never get bored.  In fact, some days I get so frustrated when I can't find new things to read.  Thank heavens for the wonderful bloggers I have found, the groups I have joined, and the people who are so free with their advice and good wishes.

Conflicting airline and customs rules can make a person crazy.  Especially when it concerns forms that you need and fees to pay that will keep you out of a country.  It is so important to cross every t and dot every i.  Visas depend on it all being perfect. Get a form filled out, send it here to get it processed, get it back, forward to another city for more processing and get it back all in the 10 day limit before flying out.  On my!  Does it ever work?  That's scary.

Then to decide what to pack!  Two suitcases will have to hold everything you will need and weigh less than 50 pounds.  When you are excited about a journey and happy about your decision life seems like a fun journey.  Until it is time to whittle your possessions down to 2 suitcases.  Is this what they mean when they say "Nothing is perfect"?

Enough whining!  I have had a very good week with friends here that I am so lucky to enjoy.  And I have made new acquaintances that I hope will become friends soon.  I have met some very warm and sharing people and I am grateful for the advice and warmth they have extended.

Go U.S.A.!  And Happy Fourth of July America!

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