Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Beginning

This blog is an experiment.  I could have just as easily started a journal, but I am hoping for some feedback to jumpstart my search.  I have spent months trying to decide what to do with myself- -maybe become a crafter?  Start a business?  Find a job?  They all have their pros and cons.  I have played with my daughters business on Etsy and think it is perfect for her.  However, when I think of something I would enjoy making to sell on Etsy, I find there are already 100,000 of then available.  I had a great time  last weekend making Cake balls.  And they were wonderful cake balls.  Unfortunately I have no idea where to sell them so they are becoming Valentines for my family members.  I love making throw pillows and they are exceptionally pretty, but Etsy is full of them.  Same thing with little girls dresses.  Same thing with great looking aprons.  As you can see this is the mystery I mentioned in my profile.  I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me and I hope it has a fun ending.


  1. I think you have made a wonderful start!! Giving out what you like to do will give you feedback!! I'm like you, the LAST to think of the GOOD things that I love 2 do!! Are you trying to make moola, then that is the big question? I like you ideas and think you could do a little research into the things you like to do, sewing, is great, so is cooking, it's hard to find the niche but it's out there, just keep looking and EARS OPEN!! :) GOOD LUCK!! Looking forward 2 keeping up wid ya!! :)

  2. Pat, looks good to me. We do need to get our heads together and come up with something to do. Would be easier if we were closer together. Keep thinking and you will come up with something.
    Now, guess I will have to get me a blog started!! But what to put on it???