Friday, February 18, 2011

Confusion Reigns

I love making decisions!  It's not hard for me but changing my mind often follows.  So for now I am going to try my hand at jewelry design.  I have tried it and love it for now.  I've played with all my daughter's  jewels and helped pick out more.  So I have business cards, a title and I provide cheap labor for her.  We have been developing a web site which will be activated soon.  I am excited about making very trendy but one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  We will see how this works out.  I still have quite a few pieces of furniture (from another decision I made) in the garage waiting for me to paint them.

I am still going to be developing new flavors of Cake Balls.  My youngest grandson will not let me quit making these.  If you find them for sale at local bakeries, don't complain about the price.  I have seen them for $17-27 per dozen.  Let me tell you that they are very expensive to make and take tons of time.  He absolutely loves them so I will keep playing with this.

My daughter has a bichon with a huge vocabulary understanding.  She understands about things like "tomorrow" and  "go clean off your dirty feet", and "hide it Katie".  Yesterday we had 40 mph winds blowing leaves in the house every time we opened the door to let all the dogs in or out.  I said to the dogs "when you go out take some of these leaves with you".  Poor Katie stood there looking at me and at the leaves trying to decide how to do what I asked!  It was very funny!


  1. She was prolly thinking, "I don't have pockets"

  2. Love this!!! And I agree with you on the price of cakeballs, and lots of other stuff. Take honey for example! How many of the folks that read this have ever squeezed honey from comb!! If not, believe me it is a STICK SITUATION!! So, don't complain of price!!
    Jewelry making sounds like loads of fun. I sure wish we were closer together!!!!!